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Vratsa Balkan

Situated in the northwestern part of Bulgaria, including the western ridge of the proud Stara planina mountain, the region of Vratsa Balkan offers a wealth of unique natural phenomena and cultural heritage. It is one of the numerous beautiful and original corners of Bugaria, that have preserved the traditional Bulgarian spirit, but still not very well developed waiting to be discovered.

The name of the region comes from the biggest town and economic center of Northwestern Bulgaria - Vratsa (a well known tourist town). Other interesting settlements in the region are: the town of Berkovitsa, the spa resort of Varshets, the town of Chiprovtsi, where one can get acquainted with the traditional Bulgarian craft of carpet weaving, the town of Belogradchik - a town with interesting and old history. The picturesque villages Pavoltche and Zgorigrad will greet you with the hospitality of the village homes, the delicious traditional dishes and local wines.

The nature in the region will enchant you forever! The Nature Park Vratsa Balkan offers marvelous opportunities for mountain tourism. Here is the richest cave region in the country: Ledenika, Zmeyuvi dupki, Elata, and Temnata dupka caves are situated there. The Vratsata rock massif - an impressive vertical wall (more than 400m high) is a preferred place for rock climbing. In Vratsa Balkan is situated the incredible with its beauty Iskar gorge, as well as the waterfall of Vratsata, the natural phenomenon of Belogradchick rocks and the ancient fortress of 'Kaleto' in the construction of which people have taken advantage of the natural inaccessibility of the rocks.

The great number of monasteries in the region: Cherepshki, Klisurski, Lopushna, Chiprovski, Razboishki, Sedemte prestola monasteries, as well as numerous historical places and landmarks, such as Okolchitsa peak and Mogilanska mound offer marvelous opportunities for cultural tourism.