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Eastern Rhodopes

Although their low and plain relief the Eastern Rhodopes are as picturesque and rich in natural landmarks and history as the Western and Central Rhodopes.

Many places there keep remnants from Thracian life and culture - tombs, fortresses, hills. Not far from Kardjali (7 km.) - a town with rich and interesting history, near the village of Perperik is situated the ancient Thracian fortress-castle Perperikon. It is supposes to have been a temple of god Dionisius. Very interesting are the ruins of a medieval fortress and the Thracian sanctuary Tatul, near the village of the same name, as well as remnants in the place of Harman kaya near the village of Bivoliane and the Hissarlaka fortress.

In this region nature has sculptured from the formless cold stone unique figures. The Kardjali rock formations impress with their whimsical shapes: Kamennite gubi (The stone mushrooms), Skalen prozorets (Rock window), Vkamenena gora (Stone forest), Skalite na Ustra (Ustra's rocks), Gubata (The Mushroom), Lavat (The Lion), as well as the Hladilnata peshtera (The Refrigerator cave) and another 6 caves. The most popular of all is the rock group called Kamennata svatba (The Stone wedding), situated at the village of Zimzelen.

The plant and animal diversity in the region is preserved in the reserve of 'Valchi dol', situated in the surroundings of Studen Kladenets dam and in the natural birch reserve of 'Belite brezi' ('The White Birch').

The region of Eastern Rhodopes is rich in thermal springs. There are situted the big dams of Studen kladenets and Kardjali, which along with the rivers of Borovitsa, the marvelous Arda, and Varbitsa offer wonderful opportunities for fishing and recreation in the unspoiled and beautiful Rhodopean nature.

The bigger towns in the region are Kardjali, Momchilgrad, Ardino, Ivailovgrad, Madan, Rudozem and others.