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Western Sredna Gora

The region of Western Sredna Gora includes the western ridge of Sredna Gora mountain. It is distinguished for the abundance of curative mineral springs. On its territory there are wonderful spa resorts that offer opportunities for combination of balneo treatment and recreation among the century-old forests and fresh mountain air. Some of them are: Hissarya, the town of Banya and the village of Banya, Strelcha and others.

The wealth of the region are the numerous historic places and settlements that have played great role in the struggles for National Liberation. In Koprivshtitsa - a birth place of many revolutionaries and a cradle of the April Uprising - you will submerge into the romantic atmosphere of the Revival period. In Panagyurishte you have the opportunity to see the famous flag of the April Uprising, embroidered by Raina Knyaginnya, as well as her house, turned into a museum. Only 10 km. far from the town of Panagyurishte is situated the historic place of Oborishte, where the revolutionary committees of IV revolutionary region have taken place and the decision for the declaring of the April Uprising have been taken. Strelcha is another historic settlement.

The lovers of mountain tourism and hiking will not be disappointed. There are interesting tourist routes leading to the highest peak in the mountain - Bogdan (1604 meters) and other places of interest.

Of great interest is the Thracian tomb near Starosel village, discovered in year 2000.

In the region of Sredna Gora are situated the dams of Topolnitsa, named after the river of the same name, Dushantsi and Pyasachnik.