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South Black Sea Coast

Due to the unique combination of marvelous sand stripes, crystal sea, and beautiful forests, cut by picturesque rivers the region of South Black Sea Coast offers wonderful opportunities for sea and ecological tourism.

There are situated numerous reserves that keep the bio diversity of the region. The reserve of Ropotamo, located at the lower course of the river of the same name is famous for the beautiful water lilies that grow there and one of the most whimsical rock formations in the country known as the Lion's head. It includes several smaller reserves and parks that preserve unique flora, fauna and natural landmarks. They are the natural park Ropotamo, the reserves of Arkutino, Zmiiski ostrov (Snake's Island) and Morski pelin. Other reserves in the region are Alepou - a swampy lagoon which hosts a plethora of resident and migratory fauna and Pyasachnite lilii (The Sandy lilies).

The South Black Sea Coast offers opportunities for sea vacations for every one's taste. Those looking for luxury and first class comfort should go to resort of Dyuni and the town of Sozopol and those who want quiet and rest should go to Chernomorets, Primorsko, Kiten, Lozenets, Ahtopol, Sinemorets.