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Zapadni pokrainini (Western districts)

The region of Zapadni pokrainini (Western districts) comprises the not so high but very beautiful mountains of Belasitsa (to the south), Osogovo (to the northwest) and Ograjden. The picturesque river of Strouma winds along the whole region and forms a marvelous river valley.

Very interesting in the southern part of the region is the place of Rupite rich in curative thermal springs and filled with cosmic energy according to the famous Bulgarian prophet Vanga.

A sight of interest in the place is the volcano hill Kojuh and the protected are of Rupite. There, in the village of Rupite has been erected the church of 'St. Petka' in memory of Vanga.

In that part of the region, about 30 km. from the town of Petrich is situated Samuilova fortress.

Going to the north, along the river valley you will be enchanted by the austere beauty of Kresna gorge.

In the northern part of Zapadni pokrainini (Western districts) region is situated the town of Kyustendil. It is one of the oldest Bulgarian towns and a famous spa resort.