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Vidin region is distinguished for its rich and interesting history and marvelous nature. It comprises the northwestern part of Bulgaria and gives opportunities for cultural and eco tourism.

The biggest town in the region is Vidin. It is an important administrative center and harbor on Danube river. It is rich in cultural and architectural monuments - an evidence for its old history. The most interesting of them are the fortress of Baba Vida, the Turkish fortress Kaleto, the Turkish konak (police hall) 'Koluka', the library and the mosque of Osman Pazvantooglu, the cathedral of 'St. Dimitar' and etc.

The town garden, situated on the bank of Danube river, and the holiday bases in the vicinities of the town, such as 'Orlyaka' (located along the river) and 'Bojuritsa' (located in the only forest of high-stem oaks in northwestern Bulgaria among the villages of Sinagovtsi, Ivanovtsi and Milchina luka) offer great opportunities for recreation and outgoings in the nature, fishing and hunting.

In Vidin region is situated one of the most beautiful Bulgarian caves - Magura. Next to the cave is located the Rabisha lake - the largest inland lake in Bulgaria. The Magura cave and its surroundings are proclaimed a natural landmark and a national tourist site.

A sight of interest in the region is the small town of Kula in central part of which proudly rises the ancient fortress of Kastra Martis.

Another ancient Roman town is situated not far away from the village of Archar. It is called Ratsiaria.