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The Pleven region includes the central part of the Danubean plain. It is distinguished for its rich historical heritage and marvelous nature. There are good opportunities for cultural, eco and spa tourism.

Evidence for the thousand-year old history of the regional center Pleven are the numerous cultural and architectural monuments in the town. A sight of great interest are the regional history museum, where valuable finds from the Roman town of Ulpia eskus near the village of Gigen, from the late-antique and early Byzantine fortress Storgozia, near the town of Pleven, and from the mediaeval Bulgarian fortress in Nikopol are exposed and the Pleven panorama, which illustrates the five-month battles during the Russian-Turkish war 1877-78.

In the town of Svishtov - an university town and a harbor on Danube river there are more than 120 archeological and architectural monuments of local and national significance. There has been preserved architectural ensembles from XVIII and XIX century. In the vicinity of the town are situated the monastery of 'the Assumption' and the 'Monuments' Park, and the fortress of 'Nove'.

In the town of Lovech, which is and administrative center very interesting is the old quarter of 'Varosha' proclaimed and architectural reserve. In the village of Kakrina is situated the memorial site 'Kakrinsko hanche' connected with the capturing of Bulgaria's national hero - Vasil Levski by the Turks.

In the place of Balana, situated east from the town of Lukovit, Thracian silver treasure has been found. It is known as the Lukovit Thracian treasure.

The natural reserves of Krushuna and Steneto in Pleven region offer great opportunities for eco and spa tourism. They enchant with their incredible natural beauty and phenomena such as magnificent caves, marvelous waterfalls, curative mineral springs and etc.

The Danube river and the dams of Gorni dubnik, Lujenska bara, and Kamenets offer excellent conditions for fishing.