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Veliko Turnovo

The region of Veliko Turnovo is distinguished for its rich cultural and historical heritage. It offers marvelous opportunities for cultural tourism. In the region there are also numerous small, but very picturesque villages such as Ledenik and Arbanassi suitable for country tourism, where one can get acquainted with the Bulgarian customs and traditions.

In the old capital of Bulgaria Veliko Turnovo, situated among the historical hills of Tsarevets, Trapezitsa and Sveta gora there are numerous cultural and architectural monuments, museums and ensembles that are worth seeing.

The architectural reserve of Arbanassi, included in the UNESCO world heritage list impresses with the monumental National Revival architecture of its houses and churches from 16 - 17 century.

The town of Lyaskovets - a well known wine-producing center - enchants with its five churches - 'St. Atanas', 'St. Vasil', 'St. George', 'St. Dimitar' and 'St. Nikola'. Not far away from the town is situated the monastery of 'St. St. Peter and Pavel'.

A sight of interest in the region is the architectural reserve of 'Nikopolis ad Istrum' near the village of Nikiup. Nikopolis ad Istrum is an ancient Roman town, established in the beginning of the 2 nd century by emperor Trayan to memorize his victory over the Dacians.

Near the town of Gorna Oryahovitsa is situated the fortress of Rahovets, dating back to the Second Bulgarian Kingdom.

The monasteries in the region of Veliko Turnovo - Preobrajenski, Plakovski, Kilifarevo, Merdanski, and 'St. Trinity' for centuries have been keeping Bulgarian spirit and traditions.

Do not miss to visit the beautiful Hotishki waterfall, situated not far away from the village of Hotitsa.

The fans of fishing will not be disappointed. The dam of Stamboliiski offers excellent conditions for practicing the favorite hobby.