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Eastern Gorna Trakya

The region of Eastern Gorna Trakya plain offers a combination of rich cultural and historic heritage and abundance of mineral springs.

Interesting monuments of culture can be seen all over its territory. The town of Stara Zagora impresses with its old and interesting history. Its central part is proclaimed an architectural reserve. A visit in the Historic museum of Haskovo will reveal the specific traditions, customs and way of life of the region. Not far from the town is the historic place of Klokotnitsa, where rises the Assenova mound in honor of the glorious victory of the Bulgarian king Ivan-Assen over the Epir king Teodor Komnin. Very interesting is the home-town of the eminent Bulgarian poet Javorov - Chirpan.

The other big towns in the region are Svilengrad, Harmanli, Dimitrovgrad, Nova Zagora.

The rich culture and traditions of the region has been preserved in the Etnographic museum - village of Spasovo (Chirpan region).

The availability of curative mineral springs gives opportunities for spa tourism. In the village of Mineralni bani (near Haskovo) there is a good spa centre. Good conditions for balneo treatment offers the spa resort of Merichleri.

On the territory of Eastern Gorna Trakya plain there are numerous traces of the Thracian culture. Of great value are the architectural sight of Karassura (Chirpan region), the Thracian tombs Mezek and Neutzikon (near Svilengrad), Karanovska mound (village of Karanovo, Stara Zagora region).

It is worth seeing the natural phenomena 'Kamennata svatba' ('The Stone Wedding', 25km. from Chirpan).

The dams of Trakiets and Rozov kladenets offers good conditions for fishing.