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part of Central Stara Planina mountain

Including part of the Central Stara Planina mountain, the picturesque Troyan Balkan offers a combination of incredible mountain nature, fresh air, abundance of curative mineral springs and preserved Bulgarian traditions and crafts. The characteristics of the region determine the development of mountain, ecological, and spa tourism.

In Troyan - a town with rich history, situated on the beautiful banks of Beli Osam river, The Museum of people's art crafts and applied arts has collected the best models of the art crafts in the region. Very interesting is the National fair - exhibitions of people's art crafts, held annually in the village of Oreshak.

The small town of Apriltsi impresses with its incredible nature and sights. The combination of the hospitality of the local people, the coziness of the hotels and the rest-houses, and the beauty of the mountain nature leave unforgettable memories to the town's guests. Marvelous opportunities for recreation away from the bustle and vanity of city offers the tourist complex of Beklemeto. The availability of mineral springs and the excellent spa centres and hotels in the village of Shipkovo give possibilities for combination of spa treatment with recreation and relaxation.

The biological diversity in the region - flora and fauna is being preserved in the National park of Central balkan, as well as the reserves of Steneto, Kozyata stena and Northern Djendem. For the lovers of hiking in Troyan Balkan, there are numerous eco tracks and tourist route that reveal to people the beauty of the wildlife.

Not far from the town of Troyan (10km.) is situated the marvelous Troyan Monastery.