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Western Rhodopes

If you visit the Rhodopes just once you will be enchanted by the magic charm of that fairy world forever - century-old forests, carrying the myth for the heroism of glorious haidouks, melodic folk songs and ring of cow bells, crystal brooks and fresh mountain air!

The Western Rhodopes impresses with the unique combination of incredible nature and preserved old traditions and crafts, as well as the patriarchal spirit.

In the small picturesque villages of Leshten and Kovachevitsa, nestled in the southwestern part of the Western Rhodopes you will submerge into the romantic atmosphere of the old times. There behind the high stone walls of the Revival houses - keepers of the unique Bulgarian spirit - you will find warm welcome and hospitality.

In Batak - a town which history combines with the tragic fate of April uprising - the active and bright spirit of the rebels that devoted their lives to Bulgaria still can be felt.

For those longing for quiet and peace and for recreation away from the bustle and vanity of city, the famous spa resort of Velingrad, the resort of Tsigov chark and the town of Dospat offer marvelous opportunities for relaxation among the enchanting nature of the Rhodopes.

The region of the Western Rhodopes is a heaven for the fans of fishing. There are situated some of the biggest and rich in fish dams in Bulgaria - Batak dam, Dospat dam, and Vasil Kolarov dam.