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Rent a ski apartment in Forest View complex, Govedarsti village, close to Borovets resort. Rural holiday apartments at a bargain price.

The Forest View Development is situated in the village of of Govedartsi, which stands 1100 meters above sea level and is situated in the front part of the National park "Rila Mountain". The complex is one of the most desirable holiday homes in the area – located only about 60 km from Sofia International airport, with stunning views of tree covered mountains, fast flowing rocky river, ski runs and great hill climbing! Forest View incorporates a mix of the traditional and modern with up to date facilities and traditional Alpine styling to make this a charming get away. Each apartment has a balcony area or a patio area (ground floor apartments) so that you can sit out with a drink in hand and enjoy the views over the mountains. To ensure that residents and their guests enjoy a relaxing time at Forest View, the following facilities have been included: Reception and Loddy, Elevator, Swimming pool, Lobby Bar, Sauna, Gym, Landscaped gardens, Parking.

At Forest View, you are only 15 minutes away from two excellent standard ski resorts. Bulgaria’s top ski resort, Borovets, is only 15kms away where some of best ski facilities can be found along with plenty of exciting nightlife and apres-ski. In the opposite direction, the smaller resort of Malyovitsa can be found. Malyovitsa is great for family orientated ski groups while offering some very challenging runs for more advanced skiers. Govedartsi, as well as being the closest village to Malyovitsa, just 8 km away, with regular public transport to both resorts.

For summer time, Bulgaria's largest inland lake, Lake Iskar, is just a 20 minute drive away. Here you will find private beaches and great opportunities for fishing, swimming etc. Even you are not a skier, the beauty and freshness of the area will captivate you. Leave the stresses of modern urban life behind and breathe in the pure mountain air. Enjoy the sunshine, even in the mid winter.


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Govedartsi village: Govedartsi is the largest village in the Borovets region of the Rila mountains. As such, it is one of the major outgoing excursion points in the region. Hiking, horse riding, skiing and fishing excursions are all arranged from the village. Each year sees the improvement of infra-structure, tourist facilities due to the large amounts of UK buyers investing and owning holiday homes in the village.

Beli Iskar - the village is considered the jewel of the Rila Mountain Range. It is the closest residential area to Borovets - just about 7 km away. The village is located in a beautiful mountain valley with the picturesque Beli Iskar river flowing through the centre of the village. Being a popular destination for holidaymakers, the tourist centre of the village has co-ordinated a number of successful projects - such as "Festival of Rila" (held annually at the end of June) and "Rock Festival" (at the end of August).

Samokov is often referred to as the "Gateway to the Bulgarian Alps", as it is conveniently located just hour from the capital of Sofia and the internation airport. The town is at the foot of the beautiful Rila Mountains and a 15-minute drive from Lake Iskar. The biggest attraction of Samokov is of course Borovets resort, which is just 10 km down the road from the town. Wrongly considered as a ski destination only, the area is rich in mineral water and SPA facilities as well. The Dolna Banya region, Momin Prohod and Belchinski Bani being the most famous in the area.

Borovets Resort - the first of all Bulgarian ski resorts, Borovets was built back in 1896 making it the oldest resort in not only Bulgaria, but this part of Eastern Europe. Situated in the middle of ancient pine forest in a beautiful secluded region of the Rila National Park, it is easy to underestimate the actual size of this charming resort. Borovets was originally built as a hunting lodge for royalty but when skiing became popular in early 1900s, the potential for great ski runs was quickly recognised. Every year new hotels and facilities are added so Borovets keeps up with other resorts. However, compared to the vast majority of resorts in Bulgaria and other countries, development is very restricted, because Borovets is part of the Rila National Park and the government aim to preserve its beauty.
The main part of Borovets is 1390 m above sea level with the highest ski run at a very high 2600 m altitude. The ski areas are devided into three differesn zones, as follows: Yastrebets - is the most popular as it has some of the best ski runs in the resort and very good facilities. It is accessed via a brand new 4 man cable car (built in 2005) which has the capacity of 1200 people per hour and is around 23 minutes in length. The ride up to Yastrebets presents you with some of the most breathtaking scenary and even if you are not as skier, a trip there is certainly worthwhile. Markudjik - located at the very highest point in Borovets (2600 m). Beacuse of this, it has a longer skiing period than the other two zones. It has in total 5 slopes and a brand new 4 man chair lift. Sitnyakovo - is the most popular with beginners and intermediaries. It has some great slopes to get practise on before taking on the more complex ones.

Lake Iskar is Bulgaria's largest inland lake. Streching for 15 km along the main road Sofia - Borovets road, it is an impressive sight. The lake is a magnet for tourists particularly in summer time and at the weekends for picnics, swimming and boating. Near to Lake Iskar are the famous Iskar stables. Here you can take horse-rides around the the lake and aslo up into the Iskar mountains with qualified instructors. Jeep safaris are also on offer in the region and you can visit parts of the lake that are particularly hard to access.

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