Christmas sale

from 10 to 20% on selected villas and weeks.

A Christmas gift is hard to choose. It usually takes a lot of time, thoughts and patience to find the right one and we are never sure if we’ve made the best choice.

With just a few clicks you can give your loved ones positive vibes and precious memories that will make you smile long after you've returned home. Because each adventure starts with suitcase and ends with pocket full of fun and joy.

We know that the most expensive gifts have no price. But with us they have discounts at least.

Villa Vegas (10 sleeps): 04.07 - 11.07.2020 original price 1950 Euro - price with 10% discount 1755 Euro.
Villa Infinity (12 sleeps): 27.06 - 04.07.2020 original price 1476 Euro - price with 20% discount 1181 Euro.
Villa Jasmine (10 sleeps): 21.08 - 28.08.2020 original price 990 Euro - price with 20% discount 792 Euro.
Villa Naomi (6 sleeps): 04.07 - 11.07.2020 original price 990 Euro - price with 10% discount 891 Euro.

Promotion is valid from 09.12 till 20.12.2019.


Sommer 2020

Save up to 10% with our special offer for repeat clients!

All our customers, who have ever stayed in some of properties over the last years, have the chance to use our special offer of 10% discount. It is policy to keep and award our good clients, who pass a vote of confidence to us each year, by giving them a small, but stable discount from the market rental rates, published on the site. We do completely understand and appreciate the loyalty of these clients, who over the years became friends of ours. This put us on our mettle to give always the best possible service.

We are happy that some of the repeat clients of have already booked their holiday 2020 through us, making use of our special offer.


Save up to 5 %

with our “Recommended by a loyal client” offer! *

If you have been a client of over the last years, but you do not have the opportunity to travel next year to Bulgaria why not recommend our services to friends, relatives or colleagues?

Give a positive feedback about and your acquaintances can save up to 5 % from our rental rates as “Recommended by a loyal client” customers. To mention your name is just enough for your friends or family to benefit by the special offer. You can be sure, that they will be treated with respect and care, as we do with all our clients.

*Promotion is valid for all offers, which are not marked as a “private offers” on our website and when no other promotions apply.